Quality Policy and Quality Certificates

Quality policy

• Keeping the maximum level of customer satisfaction through continuous upgrades of product quality in line with the changing needs
• Keeping the maximum level of customer satisfaction through continuously elevating the quality of services
• Delivering additional training to our employees if necessary, to enhance their qualifications
• Raising the quality level of our suppliers,
• Identifying the resource needs and ensuring optimal use,
• Ensuring full compliance with applicable laws, regulations and international standards,
• Continuously improve the effectiveness of our sales and supply organization in a customer-focused manner,
• Raising environmental awareness of our employees in production
• Optimization of resource utilization
• Upholding the recognition of time as the most valuable asset,
• Ensuring the requirements concerning the works delegated to third-parties are notified continuously in a clear and understandable manner
• Ensuring every action we perform is consistently right and proper in first attempt and building a perfectionism notion